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My Advertising Pays Set to Make Global Mark in 2015

My Advertising Pays or in other words MAP is an advertising website where online marketers, and website owners and publishers, can market their sites via banner ads as well as text ads. In other words if you are looking for ways to increase your site visitors, MAPs can help. Before joining the company, you may want to find out the unique features offered by the company. Here are some of the special things provided by MAPs :

• My Advertising Pays is a genuine company, that allows you to make money while marketing your primary business.

• The next feature is simplicity, and the notable thing is that it is almost free to start. Any individual can start earning money simply after signing up to enter the site, and then viewing ads once a day. To click on 10 ads, will need to invest as little as 5 minutes of your day.

• Another point is sustainability, which has allowed the MAP system to solve problems, seen in earlier revenue sharing models.

New My Advertising Pays Perks

Besides all these features, MAP has brought some additional advantages to its users for 2015, these include :

• One of the most important features is the 30 percent Cash-Back to whoever obtains the most Visitors every month. This bonus will be deposited into your account every month, if you happen to be a winner.

• A must view program- As soon as a reader looks at a different tab or window, the ad will stop showing and won’t start again until the reader views your ad.

• Each Viewer can look just at a small number of websites per day, this will assure that many members all over the world will look at your site instead o repeated entrees.

• When a viewer notices your ad and they become involved in taking action or assessing it, they can only click a link in order to open it in another window, this will ensure that readers are taking the exact action you want them to take from your ads. At present the company almost has a 75 percent rate of customers retention. That's great business growth goals for 2015 and beyond.

Though this retention rate can seem hard to believe for some, it makes sense since each person who joins the network and takes part in the regular profit share, earns money. With so many unreliable companies found in the Internet, it is understandable that prospective associates and advertisers may doubt whether My Advertising Pays will be a stable company for years to come.

Despite non-believers, the growth for MAP has been tremendous. MAP possesses long-term ambitions and aspires to become a billion-dollar corporation and play a key role in the online advertising business with Google as well as Facebook.

Business is flourishing for My Advertising Pays and though it started operating one year ago in December 2013, it has developed to be three times larger than what was expected, with hopes to improve even more in 2015. Recently the company has almost 35,295 members from all over the world, with that growth is hard to believe that the company will go anything but up in the upcoming years!